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Monday, 7 July 2014

Here Kitty Kitty.

Alleged Machiavellian plots, alleged blackmail, alleged child abuse involving politicians and celebrities, alleged murders, alleged BBC and NHS involvement, alleged cover ups, and the government security services allegedly leaving their fingerprints in every pie available.

The term alleged is about to get a work out that it has never faced before.

It could all be the plot of a fanciful Hollywood blockbuster, or an unreleased Stieg Larsson novel that was held back from publication as it seemed to be just too ridiculous a tale to tell.
Yet here we are and it looks like the bubble is about to burst on a story that many have been whispering about for a very long time.

To put it into context the Profumo affair that rocked a government in 1961 is quite literally nothing in comparison.
Here was a man who had a sexual relationship with a woman who had also been intimate with a Russian and there could have been the possibility of pillow talk resulting in security concerns.
Once it hit the headlines the sky fell down.
Measure that alongside historical evidence that supports the claim that vulnerable children were being secured to be drugged and abused at parties attended by the politico and entertainment establishment, and that the security services were aware and used the information to blackmail these people, and then consider this is all just the tip of a dirty and horrible iceberg and the mind boggles.

Lurking under the surface are also the allegations surrounding the Dunblane shootings, the murder of Jill Dando, and another that is often overlooked being a case in Scotland surrounding a Hollie Greig.
It's pretty ugly stuff.
All of these, and again more, have been grist to the mill for many years in what is often dismissively described as the tinfoil hat community and now it looks increasingly like the so called conspiracy nuts are about to be vindicated to a degree that most couldn't have imagined.

There must be a collective “we told you so” building up and the truth is that they did.
They told the world often and loudly.
They told the world in the face of condemnation, ridicule and opposition from the establishment.

So I am happy to tip my tinfoil hat in their direction as they deserve it.

For myself, I first became aware of The Elm Guest House stories over a decade ago through an article in a counter culture magazine.
At the time it did seem a work of paranoid fantasy, but with a few hours of searching on the internet I was swamped with information that was often sourced from respected investigative journalists.
It was all too much to comprehend really.
Once you start opening doors then you quickly realize that they all then lead to corridors of infinite length with their own doors stretching out in front of you.
And behind every single one is a dirty secret and a sign pointing to yet another.

Has it always been thus?
The answer is probably yes, and that doesn't make me feel too good.

I was however mainly left wondering at the time how on earth a story this big could remain out of sight of the headlines.
Over the years some major scalps had been taken internationally, with that of Nixon being the most prominent being displayed on the press saddle, so it was hard to imagine that such far reaching news could be suppressed so effectively and yet it was.

Every once in a while something would float to the surface and I would think that this was it.
The thumb holding the dyke in place had slipped and it would just be a matter of days before the weight of the headlines would leave us all up to our knees in filth.

It didn't happen though.

Each time the small news story of a prominent figure being questioned would slip away relatively unnoticed and I would lose a little more faith in humanity.
Often I would discuss these allegations with friends and colleagues and it would be an exercise in shouting into a vacuum.
It’s not in the headlines so it must be a lot of paranoid rubbish is what I suspect most thought.
Last year I posted a comment daily on social media in the lead up to x-mas highlighting the Elm Guest House case.
A few people picked up on it, but in the main it didn't really register.

Even further back when Jimmy Savile was finally outed for the monster he was people still seemed reluctant to fully take on board how far reaching his case was.
The man partied with Thatcher, lunched with royalty, and to do both the security services would have had to have vetted him.
So that begs the question that as we are now aware that there were allegations made, concerns expressed, and reports submitted over the years, then why were these relationships with the powerful allowed to happen?

Questions really do need to be asked.

I do accept that the reason no one wants to look too hard at any of this is probably because they don’t really want to have their understanding of the world about them shaken too hard.
This is a rabbit hole that the world is on the edge of, and we are all about to fall into the abyss.
Upside down will be downside up.
Everything we thought to be true will be challenged.
That’s a rather large and bitter pill for most to swallow and it is no surprise that lips are being held tightly shut as there’s apparently no spoonful of sugar accompanying it.
Yet we do have to swallow it.
Some of our childhood heroes were in fact the child snatcher in disguise.
The truth is that the abuse they carried out eclipses the fondness we may have held for them.

And finally it does look as if the news stories that were previously hidden away and quickly forgotten are out on the loose and looking to lay claim to the big headline though, and I am glad.

We cannot ignore it any more, nor let it be pushed away for any other reason than to protect the guilty.

Some people will finally be allowed to reach for some closure, the brave people who have shouted loudly about all of this will be vindicated, the guilty will have to answer for their crimes, and maybe, just maybe, people will wake up to what is going on around them and actively react to the powerful who are abusing us in more ways than could be listed.

So let’s hope that very soon the government may have to explain why they never acted on the many concerns raised by their own, how they lost evidence and why they have been actively removing articles on the internet.

And this is where you can come into it and participate in shining a light on the endemic evil that exists hand in hand with the powerful by taking seconds to sign a petition calling for a national inquiry.
It’s here, a click away.
It’s time to tip the balance and you can do that.

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  1. So the person heading up the inquiry into the child abuse claims is Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloth.

    Is this correct?

    The woman who chaired the inquest into the death of Diana that quite a few people still have some misgiving about as they consider there was an establishment cover up that protected the royal families reputation and the security services alleged involvement.

    It's not as if she could be an establishment shill though?

    Whose brother prosecuted The Guildford Four and the Maguire Seven (and we all know how that ended up.) and who was Thatchers (friend of Savile) Attorney General from 1979 to 1987.
    A period of time that covers the Elm Guest House allegations that could reveal the names of Conservatives that he would have worked and socialized with.

    Not that any of this is relevant I suppose.

    The woman whose husband was the focus of some newspaper headlines himself in the eighties when it was revealed that he used prostitutes in England and Kenya, with the age of the Kenyan ones allegedly being on the young side, with this all coming out at the time of the Cleveland Sex Abuse Inquiry that she chaired.

    Well that must have been embarrassing, but it wasn't her so let's just skim past that.

    Five minutes googling revealed this without having to go near a conspiracy site

    If there's somethin' strange in the Establishment
    Who ya gonna call (Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloth)
    If it's somethin' weird an it won't look good
    Who ya gonna call (Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloth)

  2. Systematic abuse cover up revealed in 1998.

  3. The link to the petition is noot working.