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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stars of the Silverscreen - Bruised for two

On first listen to the new SOTS album I found myself digging out their debut as it was difficult to grasp how much of a jump forward the band had taken.
It’s as if they have gone from mach-speed to light-speed in one small step for man and one large leap for rock kind.
The band that were a robustly strong jetfighter have now become a class-A starfighter The balance between delivering what rock and punk fans would want is Zen like.
No one who has both feet in any genres camp is going to find anything to complain about as they soak up each track on this release, while those who straddle the line will be ecstatically impressed with the sprawling mess of rabid guitar licks, snotty nosed punk attitude and stadium teasing rock and roll that’s on display.
Within its grooves the sound that sprung from the streets of the UK at the dawning of punk has found itself soaking up the vibe of the Sunset Strip and in doing so discovered that it likes Jacuzzis full of jack and strip joints on every corner.
Listen carefully and there are even hints of the NWOBHM flexing its leather encased fist in your face, and for some strange reason it doesn't seem out of place in the mix at all.
Imagine a tornado ripping through a quality record collection and gleefully throwing every slab of vinyl at you and that’s what this feels like.
If you flipped between footage of a crowd of thousands going balls to the wall nuts at a festival with that of Stars of the Silverscreen performing it would be easy to accept that it was the real deal and not just mocked up as this is an album that should be getting played from a stage to thousands.
Download or Sonisphere in the UK need this band, while over in the US Rocklahoma should be kicking their door down and begging them to grace their stage.   

A fist pounding success from start to finish. 

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