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Friday, 27 June 2014

Blanco - S/T

To all intents and purposes ‘Daisy Chain’ from Blanco is a bit of a wormhole track in the space-time continuum that will suck you in and spit you out just as the poptastic swinging sixties scene was about to give way to the sounds of the landscape melting counter culture psychedelia that followed.
There it sits hanging on to some radio friendly sugar while lurking within the groove is also a bit of the darkness of Altamont.
Take The Clovers hit Love Potion No 9 from the fifties and ease it through the Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders version and then dose it with some LSD and this is what you get.
It does no harm to the over all sound that the bass is set on funk either and that beat is what manages to ease us into the next track Golden Touch.
A song that conjures up the culture clash of Sly and the Family Stone as they tore away at the race boundaries that were still in place.
It’s true that currently there are more bands than you could shake a stick at who are plundering the key musical moments of the past, but Blanco are like kids in the candy store snatching at everything and gobbling as much down as they can with their smash and grab raid working on more levels than most would accept.
As they crash into the harmonica led Simple Things they are yet again off and running and dragging the Merseybeat sound along behind them as they crash a party at The Monkees pad.
EP closer Black Magic then ends the session as strongly as Daisy Chain opened it.
With hints of the blue collar glam of the seventies it rocks up to the finishing line with a swagger that is well deserved
With everything on display here it’s quite obvious that given half a chance Blanco could very well be leaders of the pack in the coming months. 
Yet another band to watch out for.


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