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Monday, 30 June 2014

New American Troubadour Tour

Perth seems to be the place to be if you like your roots music.
From traditional folk artists to alt-folk groups and bluesy Americana it’s all going on.
This Thursday provides a fine example as the ‘New American Troubadour’ tour rolls into town.  
In the Inchyra Arts Club they are featuring David Berkeley, Peter Bradley Adams and Robert Hecht.
All three have been garnering a great deal of positive attention from critics, and more importantly fans of the genres they are rooted in.
David Berkeley has been singled out for some rather impressive praise from the likes of The New York Times and Americana UK.
It’s not too difficult to understand why when you jump over to his website and let his plaintive folk drip honey in your ears.
Meanwhile Peter Bradley Adams covers the indie-folk corner with suitable aplomb.
No stranger to glowing reviews himself his softly intimate and evocative delivery of his material is the sort that can create an atmosphere that pins can drop in and be heard with total clarity.
Be prepared to hold your breathe, and maybe even swoon a little.
If for any reason a little doubt is creeping in on the veracity of the claim then have a a preview of his talents via his website
Last, but in no means least, there is Nashville resident Robby Hecht who USA Today picked up on for an article and then went as far to stream his latest album for the listening pleasure of fans all over the world.
Here it is here 

If like me you have an affinity for the music that these gentlemen so expertly and effortlessly indulge, and you are situated on the west coast, then I am sure that you can join me in asking why we didn’t get the opportunity that Perth has.

Tickets here

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