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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

(Sort of) Band of Skulls review - Queen Margaret Union - 24/03/14 (Glasgow)

Mark Hickey unconscious circa 2012 after Band of Skulls
The last time that I seen Band of Skulls was at the insistence of a mate called Mark Hickey.
It was in 2012 and the night is still partially a blur as getting a train to Glasgow from Kilmarnock descended into a bit of a pub crawl with each of us slowly succumbing to temptations put in our way by the gods of bevvy.

So with that night as a warning on how not to attend a gig we decided prior to this one that we would wear our sensible hats and meet up early and make a more sedate trip to Glasgow to see the band in the Queen Margaret Union.
(A venue that has the most unrock and roll name ever.)

And then that’s where things went wrong.
Meeting early really just means there’s a surplus of idle time that has to be filled with something, and with all the museums closed we ended up in a bar.
To our ever lasting shame we hadn't even managed to make it out of Kilmarnock.
And then with Matt Scott – the third musketeer - running a bit late we made another mistake and thought it was a good idea to sample some craft beers.

Now my understanding of craft beers is that they are normally made by people who shouldn't be encouraged to go near a kitchen for hygiene safety reasons, and I think I have a good grasp of the concept now as the one that we sampled tasted as if it had been left to ferment in a bath with some tramps socks, but we gamely drank it, and another and another.
Once Matt arrived we were at the stage of thinking that introducing him to a pint of cheesy cock, or whatever it was called, was a good idea.
He grimaced as it past his lips and after finishing it had to wash the taste out of his mouth with a more traditional lager.
It really is a disgusting drink.
Irene who I hadn't seen in what
must be twenty years.

Mark was still trying to assume a degree of responsibility for delivering a smooth night of rock and roll for us all and managed to bravely extracted us from the bar with the insistence that we really should catch a bus.

We missed it though, and Matt worked out that in the time that we would have to wait we could probably squeeze one more drink in at the nearest hostelry rather than stand around in the cold.
He’s always a man with a plan.
Usually a crap one, but at least he has a plan.
Now as everyone knows when working out drinking time it makes a big difference if it’s a pint or a short and Mark and me decided it was now time that we introduced bourbon and vodka to the night and ended up having a few rather than a one solitary pint.
It would be fair to say in hindsight that this was when we started to tempt fate, and it was with a bit of an effort that we managed to pull back from the bar fly precipice and actually catch a bus.
Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on what frame of mind you are in, it stopped outside another bar in Glasgow, and as my bladder was doing an impression of a space hopper ready to burst my need to use their toilet was an excuse for yet another drink.

It wasn't looking good now.

The Band of Skulls trip was now touch and go, but again we rallied and jumped on the subway and made it to the venue around the same time as the band took to the stage.

And now here is the review bit for the Band of Skulls fans.

Aye, sounded very good, but as the floor has no incline in the venue, and we were at the back, I couldn't see anything other than the backs of people heads.
Tonight Matt Scott and me are
The Jesus and Marychain
Another friend had a similar experience at the Roger Daltrey/Wilco Johnson gig in London.
You don’t just go to hear a band, but to see them to, and remove one or the other from the night does impact on the entertainment on offer.
So that wasn’t too good at all.
Bit rubbish really, but thankfully the company made up for it and while I couldn't say anything negative about the bands performance it is doubtful I’ll bother attending anything in the QMU again.
It all seems a bit pointless really.
We wandered about a bit trying to find some sort of vantage point and ultimately gave up and went to stand near the bar, and then it was finished.
I was a bit bemused and I am sure the set in the Arches was longer, but maybe not.
However I doubt Band of Skulls are going to give Springsteen a run for his money in the endurance stakes any time soon.

After the show we managed to take in another drink in Ashton Lane before making our way to the city centre where we squeezed in yet another in Pivo Pivo before catching a late bus back to the ‘shire.

Ultimately a great night out that had little to do with Band of Skulls and nothing to do with the QMU.

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