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Monday, 31 March 2014

Homesick Aldo EP Launch - The Venue - Methil.

When you think of Methil in Fife the last thing to spring to mind is that it is a hub of musical expression.
The reason for it failing to register as such is because it’s not, or to be more accurate it hasn’t been, but that may well be about to change.
Change because Homesick Aldo is back, and with a rejuvenated outlook on what the future holds and a new ep all locked down he needed a launch night and Methil was calling.
Okay that may not be strictly true, but instead of thinking why should I have it in Methil, he instead asked himself why he shouldn't, and then failed to come up with a good enough reason not to and plunged in feet first to make the thought a reality.
And this is of course why we love him.
So while the world looks to the major cities to provide top class entertainment that whole idea will be turned on its head on Friday the 18th of April as the real heartfelt outpouring of talent will be found in a venue called imaginatively ‘The Venue’.*
Apart from a night that will be part delta blues, part Jamaican dancehall and part what the hell is this that’s going on from Homesick Aldo, there will also be some fantastic supports in the shape of wrestling garage punk aficionados The Bucky Rage, more traditional sounding 60’s inspired nuggets from Kosher Pickle,s and some rock and roll madness that sounds as if it has been in a head on collision with indie power pop from the mighty fine sounding ‘The Twistettes’.
It’s an evening that deserves a solid level of support purely because of its bloody minded refusal to play by the rules, and as they entertainment on offer isn’t too shabby it’s a bit of a win-win as you can raise your middle finger to convention and shake your money maker to cool tunes at the same time.

* Say what you like about Fiifers, but they like to keep it simple.

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