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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Plimptons - Christmas all over this town

The Plimptons are back, and the tykes have even had the audacity to release a Christmas single.
Bah Humbug. Don't they know it's only November.
I suppose I can forgive them though. Especially as they're giving it away for free.
As usual the band are steadfastly refusing to be nailed own.
The comedy punk ska pop tag that's normally cast about when they are mentioned doesn't really come close to describing them at all.
It never does.
Think more along the lines of the The Monkees, but from 'Head' rather than the television serious.
Then hold that thought for a second and consider that Vic Reeves has decided to re-boot it for a modern audience, and then think to yourself that maybe that covers about 10% of what The Plimptons are all about.
Yeah. I know. What does that even mean?
Anyway, as I've come to expect from the band there's a great deal more going on than you would initially expect from lending a casual ear .
The sometimes ramshackle approach often comes across like the intelligent kid acting like a bit of an arse as they are terrified that their peers will suss out that they are in fact as clever as fuck.
Take for instance the inclusion of a Kazoo solo in Christmas is over.
It's funny and works in the context of the song, but instead of it being a bit silly, which it is, it is also a bit of mad genius.
The opening track 'Christmas all over this town' similarly seems lightweight and a bit of a joke.
It's sort of casually cast out there, but it's also pretty much lyrically sussed and doesn't pander to having a swipe at Christmas, but instead casts a slightly nostalgic eye over how friendship need to be maintained.
A mates for life. Not just for Christmas. Remember that kids.
The whole concept of the song shows that the guys are actually working on quite a few levels.
The same can be said for Xmas in Motherwell.
There's always more than meets the eye when you get new material from the Plimptons.
They very well might be the Optimus Prime of the - sort of - Glasgow punk scene.
If this is the sort of thing that rings your bell then do yourself a favour and don't just download a free copy at but also jump over to and get 'Whats's Left'. With over 50 tracks it's the bargain of the year at £2.

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