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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bang Tango - Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt.

Bang Tango have disbanded and reformed more times than most, and the revolving door aspect with musicians must have them up there as the funky glam punk version of Mark E Smiths The Fall.
At one point there was even two versions doing the rounds, and it's around then that very often the reputation of a band can nose dive with all respect for them vanishing as acrimonious bitching takes over from the job at hand of making music.
Thankfully there are the occasional exceptions to the rule, and with Joe Leste back with yet another line up of Bang Tango, and an album that has taken five years to reach us, he has proved himself, and the band, to be one of those exceptions and bucked the trend to deliver something rather special.
'Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt' simply sounds incredible.
Listen to it and what you will hear is a band who are as hungry as any of the young guns hanging out on the street corners, and far more relevant that the majority of their peers from the past.
The loosely funky and trashy sound is still functionally intact and sounds as good as it did way back when they released Live Injection, and quite possibly even better.
In fact I'll take that back. It does sound better. A top of their game release.
Unfortunately right at this very moment in time trashy rock and roll isn't grabbing the attention of the public like it used to and I fear that this outstanding release will end up lost in the shuffle simply for coming out at the wrong time.
We currently live in an era where we are seeing bands like Motley Crue and Guns'n'Roses playing large venues based on yesteryears glories with the audiences happy to jump aboard the nostalgia train for a night out rather than take a chance on Bang Tango, and while it is easy to say it's their loss it also has an impact on bands as without the attention of the fans they can wither and die on the vine.
If that happened then it would be a great loss as anyone who can make an album like this deserves to be rewarded and given the chance to continue to entertain us.
So go and buy it and get your grubby little mits off that reissue, that greatest hits, or the bollocks that the hipsters are telling you is the one album you need to have this year.
This is the album you would really rather have. Take my word on that.

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