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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Leningrad Cowboys - Buena Vodka Social Club

If the world didn't have the Leningrad Cowboys we would have to invent something that would allow us to travel to parallel universes and go and kidnap them from whatever vodka drenched dimension they lived in.
Fuck the trillions spent on NASA. Fuck the crumbling economies. Fuck the greedy global war machine.
Every single penny spent on all that crap would be better used in introducing them to this world in my opinion, because quite frankly I don't want to exist in a world that doesn't have mad Fins with gravity defying bequiffed mullets and exaggerated winkle picker boots that clowns enviously harbour a shoe fetish over in it.
They are the undiluted 100% twenty six legged entertainment machine that keeps giving, and on Buena Vodka Social Club they are back doing what they do best, and that's to put a smile on your face as you tap your toes to their bombastic take on Russian folk music with a very large side order of rock and roll added to it.
There's no covers this time, but who cares because the original material that they can come up with is still imbued with the humour and sheer 'what the fuck is that' attitude that they have displayed throughout their career.
I bloody love this band. Can't you tell?

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