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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Why we must win the fight with Vodafone.

The protests over Vodafone shirking paying what could amount to £6 billion pounds in tax is probably the most important protest that this generation will participate in.
Some may take that statement as little more than hyperbole and throw a multitude of inarguably more important issues about in opposition to it.
I see their point, but I think they miss mine.
Of course poverty and homelessness are far more important than the business practices of a mobile phone provider, but that isn't where the focus should be.
Not at this very moment in time.
This fight is a totemic battle that we cannot lose.
Vodafone is where we make our stand and say no, and the reason that it is so important not to lose is twofold.
Firstly if we lose then we are back to square one.
Nothing we do or say matters as no one is listening will be repeated ad nauseum until it becomes a negative force that enslaves us all. The naysayers will take one step closer to achieving their apathetic self fulfilling prophecy.
Secondly those in power will rub their hands in glee at our failure and with a smirk raise a glass to business as usual, and business is exploitation.
We must not let this happen.
The reason that we must win is that a successful outcome will serve as a catalyst for so much change.
Once we assume the role of giant killer then we are empowered and will fear no business or government that wishes to manipulate society to their ends.
When another company deals in exploitation we can loudly whisper in their ear Vodafone and they will shake in their boots at the thought of lost revenue and the negative pr that they would accrue.
When a government ideologically pushes an agenda that benefits a minority of affluent chums and we say we will not accept it, then they will have to scurry back to their little meetings and consider the Vodafone effect before risking raising our collective ire.
Vodafone can be the stick that we beat them with whenever they step out of line and we need that stick.
This is why we must unite and focus our efforts.
The fight is not about a telephone provider and it isn't even about unpaid revenue.
This battle is one that is about securing a better future for us all, a future that we must not let slip from out grasp.


  1. Thanks Nuzz.
    I was just reading today about Osbornes claim that we lose £5bn through benefit fraud. The real figure is closer to £1bn.
    Hopefully this reaches the media and he is forced to apologize publicly although I doubt it unless we all spread the word and demand a retraction.