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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dark days

There are some dark days ahead and we can all see the storm clouds gathering.
The wefare state is under attack, the public sector is about to take a beating, the pensioners, the physically disabled and those with mental health issues are all in the cross hairs, and if anyone thinks that they will not feel the impact of the biggest ideologically driven attack on our nation that we have ever seen then they better get a grip and get a grip fast.
Now is the time that we need to unify. Not next week, not next month and definately not next year. NOW.
Cameron and Clegg. The tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber public school boys have been given our future to tinker with and the clueless morons are unable to join the dots and see that the changes they wish to implement are nothing more than the first steps on a downwardly spiralling path to oblivion.
Is it that bad though? I mean c'mon we have lived through hard time before.
These are the comments I hear daily.
The answer is that yes, it is that bad.
Break it down to the simplest form.
Cut employment = loss of earnings = tightening of belts = loss of revenue to businesses = lay offs = loss of earnings = tightening of belts = loss of revenue to businesses = lay offs, etc, etc, until we all hit rock bottom.
This is the future, or this is but one of a million futures.
The thing is that as Strummer said "the future is unwritten", but we have to band together to ensure that this one future is not allowed to become a reality.
Rise up today. Sign a petition, ask questions of your mp, become politicized and protect yourself, your family and your friends.


  1. You're right.
    Dark days ahead in more ways than one and I have to say I have serious concerns about the not too distant future.

  2. I don't want to paint things too dark as that would have a negative effect and dampen anyones spirit.
    So on the more positive side I'll say people are starting to wake up and small pockets of resistance are forming.
    The Vodafone protests have been good and the march in Edinburgh was well attended.
    The ball just needs to keep rolling.
    I joined the Labour party in the first flush of Ed Miliband winning with the intent of trying to sway members back to the left, rather than allow them to continue to occupy the middle ground, but I'm getting anxious as the party have went very quiet.
    I'm not sure what their game is, but I suspect that they are playing the "give 'em enough rope" game with the coalition.
    Let them keep fucking up and without making any effort voters will flock to us sort of thing.
    It's a dangerous game and it's not my way.
    I want the coalition to be harried at every turn, every regressive policy dragged out into the light and held up to the public for ridicule.
    I want someone to stand up in parliament and say if you cut funding to paraplegics I will personally hunt you down and kick seven shades of shit out of you. If one pensioner dies from hyperthermia due to cuts in winter fuel allowance I will have your balls in my clenched fist and you WILL scream.
    Mainly though I want people to stop all this I'm alright jack shit.
    Very, very few of us will be alright.
    On Facebook there is a group called "I bet I can find a million people who DON'T want David Cameron as MP"
    Join up there as it has loads of shared info and I'm sure there will be something for the manc area.