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Thursday, 28 January 2010

René Berg - The Leather, The Loneliness...and your Dark Eyes

Bit of a lost gem this one.
Rene Berg was a musician who promised so much and yet ultimately, and sadly, failed to make it to the finish line and reap the rewards of his undoubted talents as a singer, musician and songwriter.
For a while in the eighties he seemed to crop up here, there and everywhere. I'd find myself waiting patiently for one of his projects to bear fruit only for them to crash and burn leaving nothing but high praise for unreleased demos.
To be honest it was a real pain in the arse.
Then it finally all fell into place and we got this, his one and only solo album.
A nice blend of gutter styled, glam tinged, rock and roll that didn't disappoint.
Band - Rene Berg (Guitar and vocals)
Bernie Torme (Guitar)
Paul Gray (Bass)
Rat Scabies (Drums)


  1. as a Damned fan I was curios to hear this,read 'bout in a zine many years ago but never been able to find in shops or record's very good,thank you very much!

  2. I have a Damned bootleg from their appearance at the Milton Keynes Bowl that features Joey Ramone guesting with them plus an interview.
    As soon as I find it I'll up that.

  3. Never knew of this side project from mr. Scabies...(as a damned diciple as i was)