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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Best of Mabuhay Vol 1

This one is for my mate Kennyhell, but you can grab it to.
I’ve already waxed lyrical (yeah right) about the impact that the east coast had on punk, but let’s not forget the west coast.
Compiled and produced by Ted Oliphant who occasionally manned the mixing desk of the Mabuhay Gardens, or the Fab Mab as the regulars called it, this gives an excellent overview of the late seventies scene that they had in San Francisco. A scene that matches any other for inventiveness and ferocious passion.
From nascent punk rock to art rock and all points in between it is all here.

1. Get Outta My Way – Bittley Black & the Next
2. Panther Pit – Panther Moderns
3. Cops on Drugs – The Amputations
4. Space Age Lover – Zolar X
5. Run Girl – The Razorburns
6. The Good Die Young – No Alternative
7. 21st Century – The Mutants
8. M-16 – Negative Trend
9. Front Line – Seizure
10. Welcome Matt – U.X.A.
11. Goin’ to the Mab Tonight – Paul Zahl & the Cat
12. Leavin’ Home – Bite
13. Who Needs Ghosts? – Touchtones
14. Viscious – Wasp Women
15. 750 – Jennifer Blowdryer


  1. Nice!! I need to DL this one. A few of these songs I have not heard before

  2. It's a crackin' wee release.
    All the better as the guy in the local indie store gave me it for nothing.

  3. Thanks for this. Great stuff from a great blog!


  4. Thank you Angry. I'd been toying with the idea for a while. If I can dig it out I'll be featuring a nice Damned boot next week that's got Joey Ramone on it plus some other stuff.

  5. nice album never heard, never seen

  6. I've heard that there is, or was supposed to be, a volume 2, but I've never seen it and no one I know has.
    It's a good comp so I hope another does surface.

  7. boy how did i miss this any chance of an reupp
    i's appreciate it very much looks great

  8. email me your email address and I'll dig it out and sort out getting it to you.
    No idea where it is so it could take a while to find and rip it, but you will get it.