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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Live at the Continental Vol 1

The origins of punk as a movement, genre or even state of mind are hotly debated and the fact that people can’t nail it down to a specific time or place is proof positive that no one has the right to claim ownership of a definitive answer.
Yet there is no doubt that globally there were hotspots and one of them was New York City.
The illustrious list of bands that this city spawned still hold a great deal of power, and like the colossus their influence straddles a whole genre and casts a very large shadow across music in general.
The big guns like the Velvet Underground, NY Dolls, Ramones, Blondie, and Television is just the tip of the iceberg. This was/and is a hugely vibrant scene that has enjoyed an equally huge impact around the world.
If any city could lay a claim to being the punk capital of the world then who would argue that New York wouldn’t be in there with a shout to claim the title.
While this compilation is by no means a definitive representation of the city it does have the essence.
The glitter and the dirt. It’s all here.

1. Victim in Pain - Agnostic Front
2. Last Warning - Various Artists
3. Faded Flowers - Bellvue/Jesse Malin
4. Quick Check Girl - The Bouncing Souls
5. Sluts - The Bullys
6. Better Than U - Candy Ass
7. Sonic Reducer - Cheetah Chrome
8. Street Justice - Cro-Mags
9. Building Is Crumbling, The - The David Ellis Group
10. I Am the King - Furious George
11. Puerto Rican Girl - Heap
12. V8 - Honky Toast
13. Liberate - H2O
14. I Wanna Be Sedated - Joey Ramone
15. Going Local - Lenny Kaye
16. Disgusted - L.E.S. Stitches
17. Cross My Heart - Lunachicks
18. Panty Raid - Murphy's Law
19. Cretin Hop - The Remains
20. Psychotronic Roller Boogie Disco Queen Sock It to Me - Sea Monster
21. Volume 4-Way - Suicide King
22. Another Day in the Life - Toilet Boys
23. One Man Lady - Karen Black
24. Sorry - Waldos


  1. Get yourself a slice of the JLP album Al. More stuff to come next week.

  2. Had the pleasure of playing Continental a bunch of times in the last couple of years of the club's existence as an actual club (it's a college bar now with no live music). Great sound, cheap drinks and always a fun time. The bathrooms were pretty skanky though!

  3. Too many of these clubs are hitting the skids as music venues. London is seeing them slowly vanish to.
    People don't seem to realize that they add character to a place compared to the faceless bars and office blocks that pop up here, there and everywhere.
    So much for progress when their replacements end up with whitewashed windows and to let signs decorating them.
    It's a shame.