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Tuesday 22 September 2015

And they all blew down.

While we all still snigger away like schoolchildren about the allegations of Cameron face fucking the severed head of a pig in a bizarre initiation ceremony it’s interesting to read some of the reactions.

One that has surprised me is the amount of people offering a free pass on it.

‘We have all done things we were ashamed of when we were young’ is so popular that it could be edging into trending status.
Strange really, because when I was younger I did a million things that I can shamefully look back on, but rattling the cold dead tonsils of a severed pigs head with the tip of my tadger while friends cheered me on wasn't one of them.
In fact I'm hard pushed to think of a singular moment that I was in a situation when it looked like this was about to happen.
Those claiming that we were all young once must have walked down a very different path that I, or my peers, ever did.

I can just imagine the old Etonian asking what the fuss is all about as we all did it, didn’t we?
I mean didn’t we?
I mean only those without sin can cast the first stone.
Can’t they?

Bizarrely if the sin is - yes you guessed it - fucking the head of a dead pig then I’m guessing that there are quite a few people that will fit the remit for casting that first stone.

Then again maybe I'm wrong and just led a sheltered life.

Neither did I burn fifty pound notes in front of homeless people; I never trashed restaurants or burned down a neighbours garage like Clegg did either.

Damn. I was never as debauched as these guys.
Nor wanted to be.

Then there are those who desperately want to point at another of the revelations from the forthcoming book from Ashcroft.

Who cares about the pig, what about Ashcrofts nondom tax status?

They really want to claim that the sexual congress with the severed pigs head is just a distraction from that, but is it, or should it be?

Aren't they both just examples of rich bastards considering they are exempt from the laws and morals that the rest of us are supposed to adhere to?
And if we accept that they are both really the same thing then out of the two what has the most entertainment value.
Is it the boring old tax dodging angle on it, or the FUCKIN’ A PIGS HEAD bit?

Admit it. We all know the answer and the proof is all around us.

In a decades time if this all led to his stepping down, or being ousted, and it hinged on the tax issue then how many would remember the details, but if it’s about the pig then who would forget?
Even if it isn't true I am going to go out on a limb and say that he still deserves to go as they've been buggering kids and covering it up for long enough anyway.

And that takes us to another angle on all of this.

Who out there can hand on heart claim that these people are fit for office?

They are the end result us getting what we deserve.

We allowed the establishment to shaft us so often that they think it is their birthright, and then when others step up from our ranks it is rarely for altruistic reasons, but often because they want to hang onto the gravy train of cash and privilege with the added bonus of the get out of jail free card that they all seem to get issued with along with their silver spoons.
Even when they mouth all the correct altruistic statements they are secretly open to looking into the abyss and letting the abyss gaze on their soul.

The current state of politics is that it has alienated so many that those left to throw their hats in the ring to represent us are often the least able to do so.

It’s not everyone of course, but so often it is a case of those so desperately wanting to lead being the worst possible people to do so.

The sort that would go to a party to get off their tits and skull fuck a severed pigs head if they thought it would benefit them.

And with that we are back to the start.

So will some altruistic person with a level head please get involved in all this, because if they don’t then it is just going to be an ugly catch 22 scenario forever and ever. 


  1. the tireseome and pathetic antics of these posh rich boy wannabe rock star cunts is of course deplorable in every single way possible to imagine. However, it wont make one bit of difference in the grand scheme of things. that "class" of people will continue to do what they want, whenever they want,and to whoever they want. Moon(PIG?) Face Cameron and his cronies should probably be investigated under a new case, "Operation PigTree"!

  2. It's time for a change - end the elitist rule where a rich arsehole with a degree in art runs the economy. It should be the best people to serve the country, not the best connected. We have the power - about time we used it.