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Friday, 20 February 2015

The King Lot - The King Lot

Once again the quality of the rock scene in Scotland has to be commented on in glowing terms.
While the mainstream popularity of the genre has waned to a certain extent over the years the actual rewards to be found by delving into the treasure trove of talent out there is rich indeed.
From the hardcore end of the spectrum to the more melodic there are diamonds glittering in the rough everywhere.
And that’s what the King Lots d├ębut is.
A bona fide sparkling diamond in the rough
There’s a very obvious GUN influence in their sound and in many ways they have picked up the baton from the Rankin led period of that bands career, but it would be disingenuous to leave that reference hanging there alone as throughout they sprinkle a great deal of their own talent over everything.
From delicate ballads to more in your face rockers the trio are self assuredly covering the bases.
And that’s one hundred percent of all the bases.
They could have called the album ‘whatever you want, we got it’ and left it at that and felt no shame in being so upfront about making such a grand promise.
Best of all is that live they can deliver to.
There’s no disconnect between studio and stage.
While some bands can capture a sound live, but fail to transfer it across to the confines of the studio, or vice versa, The King Lot are firing on all cylinders no matter where you come across them.
Once again this release highlights that being in the right place at the right time is important, as without a doubt if this landed when rock as a genre was at a peak commercially then they would be responsible for a platinum selling album and jetting all over the world to promote it.

But that’s not to say it won’t happen as while the mainstream is currently resolutely failing to engage with rock music it increasingly feels like they are the Dutch boy with a finger in the dyke.
The pressure from the bands and fans alike is mounting and surely it can’t be long under the barrier is washed away under a mighty tsunami sized wave of rock and roll goodness.

If it does then watch out for the King Lots as they will be right at the front of it all screaming ‘look how fuckin’ good we are’.

Forthcoming tour with Venrez
05 - The Asylum - Birmingham
09 - Audio - Glasgow (With Rank Berry and Static Rock)
11 - Madhatters - Inverness
12 - Dreadnaught Rock - Bathgate

Tickets for Glasgow date currently available from NHC Music and support bands. 

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