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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

McCann - 21/02/15 - NHC Music (Glasgow)

Minutes before McCann started their set in NHC Music I was frantically looking for the numbers of either MacGyver or Mr T as their expertise in making something from nothing would have been helpful.
Due to a mix up in communication the band were semi electric rather than full on acoustic and the set up in-store doesn't accommodate that.
Someone, anyone, appearing with a soldering iron, a kettle plug and a degree in electrical engineering would have been a godsend at that moment, but it wasn't to be.

However as I muttered under my breath repeatedly that the show must go on the gods of rock and roll must have heard me and nudged the band to very graciously say ‘don’t worry about it’ before they then proceeded to give everyone an example of a master class in how to entertain.

To say that they were well received would be an exercise in stating the obvious.
There was no slow introduction as the band deal in delivering a jolt of the good stuff straight to you.
Even with the full flow of them being partially contained by operating without a large PA backing them up the power they put out would be enough to light up a small town.

Give them the full works and they could generate enough to make a wind farm owner blush.

Steeped in decades of appreciation of good music they are the sonic alchemists who are taking multiple strands of influences and moulding them to their own will before then weaving those golden threads into an impressive tapestry of their very own.

If you are a music lover, and have a large collection of releases covering multiple genres, then imagine someone taking them all and melting them down to ultimately press an album that sounds like an over arching representation of everything you love.

That’s what McCann sound like.

Well they do to me.

Sprinkled through the set of originals were some crowd pleasing covers from the Clash, Icicle Works, Depeche Mode and The Cult.
All played with passion and tailored to the bands sound rather than being note by note facsimiles of the originals.
This allowed everything to flow rapidly from the start of the set to the rapturous end without the quality levels rising and falling as can occasionally happen.
Especially when a band throw in a well played classic and expect it to sit comfortably with their own lesser known material.

This is the second time I have seen the band perform since they reformed and both sets played, while different, have been a gig goer’s wet dream.

So keep your ears to the ground as they are on of the current crop of not to be missed bands that are doing the rounds.
Maybe this time around they will reap the benefits they so richly deserve.

I tip my hat to these guys. So should you. 

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