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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Matt Scott - Red and Black - Classic Grand - 24/514 (Glasgow

It's been a long drawn out process for Matt Scott to get his material down in a way that reflected the power of his live performance.
There's been many aborted attempts and many hours of studio time eaten up looking to capture that certain something.
It was only when he went back to basics, with his brother at the helm recording him, that finally the deed was done and we could all finally hear how the songs were supposed to sound.
And now a similar bit of magic has been done again by Titan Cams who graciously recorded the set he did as a guest to Alabama 3 at their recent Glasgow show.
The full performance from Matt has been recorded, and hopefully that will see the light of day soon enough, but here in all its glory is Red and Black from that night.
Please do share the footage, and namecheck Titan Cams as they have just made my day with this.
If you are in a band or a solo artists I am very happy to recommend their services.
Put their name in your book.

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