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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Crash Club

While the name of Crash Club seems to be breaking a great deal of ground and it sits comfortably on the lips of the movers and shakers it would be a mistake to consider them the latest over inflated great white hopes for the Scottish music scene.
A mistake as it is within their grasp to be something far more than that.
Similarly to how the tag of dance act is far too constricting to describe them, it would be limiting to frame them within a geographical scene to.
They are in fact bigger than a genre tag, and even a country wide scene.
They are, for want of a better term, a globally respected act in the making.
Right now they are putting the graft in to lay a foundation, but even at this early stage what becomes obvious when listening to them is that they are creating a foundation that they will build on until they reach a level that only a minority operate at.
A level where artistic integrity and mass appeal rub shoulders and rubbish the claims that you have to have either one or the other but never the twain shall meet.
They are that good.
There are of course those who may not feel an inclination to dip their toe into a pool of processed beats, but where they are at right now is just one step on a path that will take them anywhere they want to go.
I’d suggest setting any preconceived ideas aside and getting on board with them now as the journey is going to start getting very interesting very soon.

Crash Club will be opening for The Sunshine Underground on Friday 23rd of May in The Classic Grand, Glasgow.
More info can be found here.
If social media is your thing then click here.

Now wrap your ears around this. Vocals are provided by Tragic O’Hara.

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