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Monday, 17 February 2014

Letter to the Queen

Dear Sir/Madam ,
My name is Colin Hunter, hello. I was searching through the internet recently and found out how much land that the Queen owns, 6,600 million acres of land is a number that keeps popping up.
Is this true?
I was flabbergasted when I learned this as this land would equate to approximately £17,600,000,000,000.
Now I am not the most intelligent person in the room, (I say as ‘Father Ted’ plays in the background), but this money could be used to buy a few meals for people that were hungry, it could provide shelter and clothing for the homeless and clothes-less and it could provide medical treatment for all the people dying from curable diseases.
I know I sound like I am having a go at the Queen, and that is because I am, but I do not in any way shape or from think that she is alone in this though.
I think it is a horrible way we all tend to just distract our attention from the most important things in life, “I wish this Oxfam advertisement would finish so that I can watch the X factor”.
If someone has 14 rooms in a house and only uses 5, what is the need in that, when you have people that call outside their home. People have the, “right’, (I guess), to work hard and gain what they want but it just seems wrong.
Morally wrong. I mean I know rich people don’t have to get rid of their 11th car and help anyone, but it just doesn't sit too well with me.
There is more than enough resources for the everyone to live comfortably and it’s not happening, greed is continuing to ruin us humans, a little greed is ok, in fact, I would say I ate more than enough pasta and meatballs to do me for TWO nights tonight….but can you see the difference without me having to point it out?
I know giving away money and helping people is bad business but if you made love and happiness your business, let me tell you, your company would be booming, my cousin.
Also I have read animal farm and I know what you think I am think, which is wrong, but so is this world we live in, can't we all just not kill each other by allowing preventable death to occur, because that is what the Queen is doing, she is looking at a person about to be hit by a truck and instead of giving them a heads up, she's pulling out the popcorn.
In the British national anthem we hear the words, "God save our gracious Queen". Gracious? seriously?
courteous, kind, and pleasant, especially towards someone of lower social status.
"a gracious hostess"
courteous, polite, civil, chivalrous, well mannered, decorous,gentlemanly, ladylike, civilized, tactful, diplomatic; More
(in Christian belief) showing divine grace.
"I am saved by God's gracious intervention on my behalf"
merciful, forgiving, compassionate, kind, kindly, lenient, clement,pitying, forbearing, humane, mild, soft-hearted, tender-hearted,sympathetic.

I think my point on that is made, though why should she be saved before anyone else, she's no more special that Jimmy at the end of my street that is living on pennies and not knowing if he should put the heating on the night even though he might wake up dead. (ye have to have a wee joke in among this serious talk, ken?)
I have rambled on here, but the main thing I wanted to say was, "come on, this is no fair, share the wealth out a bit'.
I would really like to hear a response as to why someone in a position (such as the Queen ) should set an example.
Religion might follow suit and start being.....nice. that's weird that isn't it, the fact that all the money that The Royal family and lets just say....the catholic church have and there are still people in dire need of a fish supper. I just upsets me that people are dying needlessly, I'm a bit weird that way, call me "old-fashioned".
Please excuse my poor grammar and is. spelling.
Your truly,
Colin Hunter.
The above is the first in a series of open letters from Coin Hunter that will be shared on the blog.

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