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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Folk Grinder - Any old trollop, same old port.

Swaggering onto the dock with a bellyful of rum, and a sea shanty on the lips, it rather obvious that Folk Grinder - with their debut album 'Any old trollop, same old port' - aren't looking to slip past unnoticed.
Shaking off their sea legs they are striding forth to capture our attention, and it has to be said that they are doing so in a rather grand style.
It's a cocktail of English folk, punk rock and bawdy debauchery all topped up with copious amounts of eccentricity.
A heady mix of of a brew that is as intoxicating as it sounds.
While some would be quick to cast the band into the same box as acts of the 'pirate rock' sub genre - and yes there is one – they should belay that order and open their ears up to Folk Grinder and really listen.
It then becomes apparent that they would be more comfortable banded in with the rogues of the romanticized glam punk scene of the late eighties that took their cue from the Stones, Faces and Mott.
The one that painted the sound of the seventies with a lipstick smeared sneer as the key players watched the world go by through the bottom of a bottle of wine.
That's exactly where the band fit regardless of the image.

So with a battered acoustic, and that most rock and roll of all instruments the accordion, Folk Grinder are not to be considered a novelty act, but instead take my word for it that they are in reality purveyors of some mighty fine tuneage that covers everything from hip thrusting rock and roll to heartbreaking tales of loss.

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