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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cabey - Dr Feelgood

There's no doubt that in recent months we have seen the rise of 60s inspired bands in the wake of the phenomenal success of Jake Bugg.
The ones that are floating to the top are all of a certain type though.
Mainly precocious teens reliving a sound that was already old when their parents were teenagers.
While some of the acts are impressive to a degree there's already talk that apart from Bugg the bubble will soon burst as there's a gap between what is being pushed into the market and what the listener is looking to hear.
It would seem that the labels who jumped on the Bugg bandwagon may have misjudged the appetite of the public for fresh faced kids wearing Beatle-esque suits and pedalling a clean take on early pop.
So with that in mind it would be easy to discount others who are treading a similar path.
However that would leave us missing out on the gloriously joyous take on skiffle by Scotland's own Cabey.
There's no real attempt to emulate current trends, but instead a very strong sense of a young man immersing himself in a traditional sound that is really the roots of the UKs rock and roll scene that everything grew from.
On the track Dr Feelgood there's the paring of Lonnie Donegan with the outlaw lyricism of country legend Johnny Cash, and although the music itself is echoing the past there's a timeless attraction to it when the material is so lovingly embraced.
Once the movers and shakers have dropped the kids in the leather waistcoats and mop tops there's a very good chance that when the dust clears Cabey will be the last man standing due to his avoidance of letting a label manufacture a sound and image for him.

Dr Feelgood is out on Monday 5th August on itunes and other download sites
Cabey will be supporting Steve Diggle in Glasgow on the 26th of September and in Kilmarnock on the 27th September.

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