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Monday, 10 January 2011

Hollywood Groupies – Punched by Millions, Hit by none

There's a lot of balls on display here considering that two of the members are women.
You can construe that as a sexist comment if you want, but if their male counterparts in the glam rock scene aren't up to the task of getting down and dirty and delivering on the promise of some high octane, sleaze heavy, rock and roll then they better step aside, as the ladies of Hollywood Groupies don't sound like they are going to be taking any prisoners.
Comparisons with Motley Crue's “Too Fast For Love” will no doubt be aired due to singer “Foxy Deville's” vocals being very reminiscent of Vince Neil's of the time, but it's not something that I feel hinders the band, and the truth is that the guitar playing by “Kelly McKoy” is actually superior to what Mick Mars was doing way back then.
So I guess what we have here is an album that delivers all the promise of the Crue's debut, and more. Not a bad state of affairs really.
If this was the strip in the 80's I'm sure a major label would be sniffing about them, and it's no reflection on their talents that they are currently out of time and place with what they do. So fingers crossed that this style comes back into fashion and Hollywood Groupies manage to pick up the kudos they so richly deserve.
Meanwhile if you want a quick fix of powerful and passionate glam rock then this is it.

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