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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Born Running

Glen Matlock & The Philistines – Born Running

Unfortunately Glen Matlock is never going to be able to slip out from under the shadow of The Sex Pistols.
I wouldn't know if he considers his past as a millstone around his neck or a nice earner, but post Pistols he has proved that he is no one trick pony. That the success of his latter material hasn't emulated that of his first foray into writing and playing is something that mystifies me.
Each project he has worked on has borne real dividends for the listener and with “Born Running” - his fourth release with “The Philistines” - he continues to maintain the high quality that we would expect.
Within its grooves what we get is twelve lessons, or even master classes, in how to play what some would call timeless rock music. Real blue collar stuff with its heart on its sleeve.
Anyone looking for snotty nosed punk rock is digging under the wrong stone here. Anyone wanting to hop aboard for a nostalgia trip should look elsewhere for their kicks as they aint getting them here.
This is a mature artist making mature music for mature listeners, but don't make the mistake of thinking that mature means boring or even past it as that would be a big mistake.
The fire in the belly is here for all to hear and the whole band have the expertise to capture that lighting and bottle it for us.
This is an album that Glen Matlock should be rightly proud of and I doubt anyone lending an ear to see what he is up to now would be disappointed.


  1. Yeah it's a great album I love it.

    This is however not Glen's second album with the Philistines but his fourth.

    "Hard Work" - 1995
    "Open Mind" - 2000
    "On Something" - 2005
    "Born Running" - 2010

    Not forgetting his solo album recorded with Steve New and a couple of members from 3 Colours Red in '96 just before the Sex Pistols reunion.
    "Who's He Think He Is When He's At Homne?"

    ...and here's a link to a nice acoustic compilation I put together a few months back.

    Love, Peace & Bananas,
    Marky Dread.

  2. Thanks for the info Marky. I've actually got Open Mind and On Something, but not Hard Work. Bit of a brain fart last night.

  3. Some good Rich Kids bootlegs here
    and here
    from the highly recommended mondo de muebles blog.

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  5. Hey Guys, I haven't found this new album for download.
    Anybody knows a link who want share?