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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Requests and re-ups

After having a check it would seem that the files that need a bit of attention were all on Rapidshare.
Over the next few weeks I'll see what I can do about changing them over to mediafire.

Meanwhile while you are waiting here's a classic album that was deleted many, many moons ago for some silly reason.
It's The Little Roosters. There's a Cock Sparrer, Joe Strummer, Alyson Moyet thread running through this band.
Bit of something for everyone then.



  2. hey bro,

    been a lil while, how are you? on the real dude are you ok? how are things?

    downloading this band sounds like it may be cool. btw- mediafire sucks lol, sendspace is a gem for me. mediafire has me downloading this file for about 1 hour now.