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Monday, 24 May 2010

Normal services will be resumed shortly

I've been a bit lax with updating the blog and without going into details it's just that there's been a few personal issues to deal with, work has got in the way and I've generally just been very busy.
I will however be back in the saddle very soon. So watch this space,,,,,,but don't do it intently. I mean don't waste your time waiting expectantly for something massive. It's really just going to be more of the same old bollocks.
Meanwhile here's some news for our ol' mate Nekro.
Miss Joan Jett has just sold out the 100 Club in what seems like record time. Not sure how many of the tickets went to the industry types and not fans, but it was still nice, if bittersweet as I didn't get a ticket, to see them being snapped up so fast.
Still on Joan Jett...I wish...I seen this on my travels. Shame it's not inflatable and life sized.

1 comment:

  1. haha, hello my brother. i have missed our rants about the biz. the biz sucks!!!! awesome jj sold out, and i agree i wish that doll was life size. i felt like a perv, looking for one already lol.