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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The New To Q Tour -Goldhawks/Tiffany Page/Detroit Social Club - King Tuts Glasgow -11/05/10

The New To Q tour rolled into town last night and provided Glasgow with an insight into who the magazine considers to be the shining stars of the future, and unlike last years NME debacle, a tour that was more miss than hit, Q actually appears to have their finger on the pulse and managed to throw into the spotlight a few bands that are worthy of the next big thing tag.
First of the night to grace the stage was Goldhawks who previously impressed when they recently supported The Courteeners on their UK tour.
Once again they played an accomplished set that begged the question why aren’t they already massive? The answer may simply be down to them being shy a few months of getting their debut album “Trick of Light” out to the public.
Never the less, once that’s out there I have no doubt that their fortunes will change, and change quickly. The music loving public are going to fall for this band in a big way.
It’s rare for me to offer guarantees of stardom as the music business is so fickle, but I’m making an exception in Goldhawks case. This band are going to make it. You only have to see them, and I mean really see them and listen to them, rather than attend the gig and stand at the bar, to realize their potential.Right at this moment a stage the size of the legendary King Tuts is far too small for them. Everything about them screams stadium rockers in waiting and it really is just a matter of time before everyone else catches up to this fact.
As this is the second time I have seen them in a matter of months I’m personally very pleased that they’ve cemented my opinion of them as being a band to watch out for.
It’s a clich├ęd term, but “remember the name” because you are going to be hearing a lot more of them before the year is out.

Next to play was Tiffany Page who as an artist is more than living up to the hype. Her vocals are emotionally taut and effective throughout and her band solidly support her, but there was something about the set that was niggling with me and it was only later that I started to get to grips with it.
The problem was that I was getting the impression that much of the focus was on her looks rather than her singing abilities, and the band, who were absolutely fantastic, were being relegated to mere bit players in the show.
This is a huge disservice to them as a band, and rather sexist as well, but I’m not really too sure how unwilling Tiffany Page is to go along with this. She seemed to be trying rather too hard to convey a degree of detached disinterest in the photographers, who were incessantly blocking the view of the paying customers, while at the same time I doubt that there was a moment that wasn’t being considered as a photo opportunity.

In hindsight this is the thing I keep coming back to and that’s a shame as it really has overshadowed the performance. Instead of coming away from the gig enthused about them I’ve found little cracks that I’ve worried at until I’m no longer sure just how much I enjoyed them.

Everything that is required for a great gig was there, but the posing for the cameras got in the way. Maybe I could best sum it up by saying that being at the gig felt like I was like participating in some arty photo shoot. Or that more accurately that I was an unpaid extra at an arty photo shoot.
Drop that and I would have been far more positive about them.
Still a few lessons to be learned then.
As for the Detroit Social Club I didn’t bother staying for them. On record they sound like a Kasabian tribute band and I wasn’t really in the mood to hang about and let them prove me wrong. So with it already having been a long day we headed of and contented ourselves by playing Goldhawks all the way home while we wondered why they weren’t headlining the tour.
Thanks to Kel for the set list.

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