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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Static Rock/Beltur/Magic Trik – HRC Glasgow – 08/07/15

Static Rock/Beltur/Magic Trik – HRC Glasgow – 08/07/15

With a  tour of some cities down south already arranged - and their debut single and video Straw Dog newly released - the very young Glaswegian band Magic Trik are undoubtedly looking to hit the ground running and shake things up a little.
Admirably avoiding skipping down the indie hipster route to success, and equally making it very clear that faux Scots accented folk meanderings are not their cup of tea, they are instead looking to go full tilt ahead and reintroduce rock and roll to the masses.
Taking the rock blues of the mighty Led Zeppelin as a starting point they've liberally sprinkled it with some glam fairy dust and concocted a heady brew that should get some blood rushing through the veins of those who so readily proclaim that rock is dead.
It’s overdue that we get another band that can walk the walk rather than taking the talk so it’s pleasantly exciting to see a band doing just that.

Give it a year and there’s a very good chance that they will be opening some quality shows for larger touring acts and giving the headliners something to worry about.

Beltur on the other hand are a few steps ahead of Magic Trik.

With an eye on writing and performing songs that would be comfortable residing in stadiums they have sown their wild oats musically and are now looking to settle down into delivering anthems.
Anthems such as the current single Breath, a song that has radio hit written all over it and has the potential to become an earworm given half a chance.
It’s not the only song with that potential that they have tucked away though.
One after another they work through a set of emotionally mature rockers that lightly touch on the post grunge era when the punk malcontents moved away from their love affair with riff heavy Sabbath homage’s and began to shade their output more carefully and subtly.
It’s easy to proclaim ‘what’s not to like’ when watching and listening to Beltur.

Static Rock have been paying their dues for a while now, and have quite probably played on every single stage in Glasgow with the exceptions of the SECC and Hydro.
As a result their material is well honed and solidly performed.
So now seems to be the perfect time for them to take things to the next level.
If they were to add some new songs to the set and followed them with a new release then it must surely be within their grasp to secure their position as one of the bands that will feature on all the ‘ones to watch’ lists. .
The guys must be able to smell it.
It’s that close.
Time for them to grab at it with both hands.

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