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Monday, 8 June 2015

You talkin' to me.

Sometimes there's a rant building up and there's no real point in keeping it locked inside.
It's just going to fester there and take on a power of its own.
It will poison you from the inside out.
It's often better to just lance that boil and let it all out isn't it?.

So will all due respect I've got to say that I have been thinking about things and come to the conclusion  that everything is your fault.
Some of it is my fault as well, but mainly it’s yours.
It’s more your fault than mine because in many ways I try to make an effort while I don’t see any being made by you.
I often fall short of being a paragon of morality and there's no point lying about it, but at least I am out of the starting gate and speaking out while you are still in the stalls with your lips sewn shut.

It feels to me that too often I am horrified by the way someone has treated another and I try and do something about it.
I try and highlight the injustices I see, and the list of the companies that I will literally have nothing to do with just gets longer and longer by the day.
It’s not just companies either.
It’s also people to.

So what I guess I am openly saying is that I'm bloody trying. and you’re not.
Yeah, you.
I'm tired of you. 

Sorry to break it to you in such an abrupt manner.

Well maybe not you specifically as there are loads of good people out there, but even if it isn’t you I bet you know plenty of people that this fits like a glove.

If so then send them this.

Do it passively aggressively if you want.
Is they ask if it is about them just say you meant to send it to someone else and then mutter ‘but if the cap fits fucker’ and then make something up if they partially hear it and ask you to repeat yourself.

Anyway the bottom line is that as I've gotten older I have become increasingly more intolerant of shit, and at the same time others – and that’s maybe you – have become more tolerant of it all.
So tolerant of it that you have allowed it to build up so deep that we are all wading through rivers of it and I bloody resent that.
I really do.
I could scream ‘up your fuckin’ game’ out of the window right now.

Just a general lambaste at anyone walking by as the odds are pretty good that of them all this will be true of a good chunk of them.

Too many people are simply not giving enough of a shit about anything that important.
It’s all superficial crap.

For example when someone acts badly and hurts another for no other reason than they simply can, and they want to, then maybe I will extend a few chances as there may be some underlying issue, but if they aren't trying to incrementally change and curb that negative crap then I’m finished with them.
So there you go.
I'm doing something about it.

My withdrawing from them is highlighting that I disagree with their actions, and if they blatantly ask me why I'm not talking to them then I will happily tell them.
Maybe that will be the catalyst they need to change as not saying anything isn’t helping.
But you – well maybe not you, but I covered that – will give them a free pass wont you?
It’s too much hassle to say anything; it doesn’t impact on your life, it’s nothing to do with you really.
I've heard it all before.

Has it got nothing to do with you though?

There’s an old guy falling to the ground clutching his chest.
It must be a heart attack, quick…………………….look the other way.

The thing is that the free pass is really just tacit approval.
The silence is taken as permission to carry on.

So while there are a minority lining up to abuse us from dodgy political leaders to the dodgy promoter looking to exploit your kid as they’re wet behind the ears* the fault really lies with us as we are allowing this to go on unchecked.

Or more so you, as again I'm ranting about it and you’re not.

The guy kicking the dog at the bottom of the street, the woman, or man, whimpering through the wall as their partner has just took a belt to them, the company that just laid off one hundred people as they are looking to boost profits by cutting their wage bill, the lobbyist lining the pockets of a politician to ensure their paymaster gets a contract, the twat blaming immigrants for his piles as everyone knows that immigrants are at the root of fuckin everything that’s wrong with this country.

That’s your fault.
All of it.

It really is.

I probably don’t do enough to oppose it all either.
I'm not going to deny that.
I am aware of my own failings, very aware of them, but I am also not going to shoulder all the responsibility because while I have many friends who are equally raging at the ugliness of the world around them there are too many doing nothing about it.
My not saying anything to you about any of this would really be as bad as all the things you say nothing about to anyone ever.

We really do get the society we deserve.
I've said it before and I fully expect to say it again.

So look around us and ask yourself if this what we want?


Is this it?


There’s something good on the television tonight, I fancy a new car, I’ve just booked a holiday, and I've got a new mobile phone.
What’s the point of getting annoyed anyway?
No one ever really changes anything do they?
All this palaver only increases the blood pressure and with all the fast food burgers I eat that’s not a good idea.

I wonder what it’s like to not really bother about anything, or to suppress it all so deeply that it appears that nothing matters.

Jello said it best with Give me convenience or give me death.

Time for a song I suppose.

PS - No apologies for the language used.
If you can expend the energy to get upset about a few curse words, but can't to oppose injustices around the world then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

*It’s a pet issue. 

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