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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Courtesans - 1917

As the fodder that is classed as mainstream chart music continues to run as fast as it can towards its own lowest common denominator destruction it sometimes feels like it is already over late for some heroes, or even heroines, to ride in to save the day, but with the Courtesans latest album (not that lot from some crap reality television show) maybe they have arrived just in time to snatch a victory from the jaws of the apathetic industry that is eating its own tale.
Initially they open up as an electro pop fans wet dream, but one with a bit of an industrial edge.
It’s that double whammy of the tap followed by the hook that’s as bruisingly good as all solid aural assaults should be, but then just as you are looking to snatch a breath before the next round commences the album starts to move into well grasped James Bond theme song territory.
It’s surprising, even a bit discombobulating, but it works well.
Very well in fact.
With huge lush David Arnold styled arrangements the Courtesans are not looking to merely pay homage to the material, but rather give it a run for its money, and at points they can even be heard edging ahead.
No mean feat in itself.
At times it is very easy to get lost in the music and start to drift along with it as it flows around you.
Close your eyes and the music fills your head with the iconic imagery of parts of the female body languidly and erotically drifting past.
It’s powerful stuff, and pretty much all encompassing in how it can envelope the listener in its embrace.
With headphones on it emulates what I suspect floating in an isolation tank would be like.
It provides a release from not just your surroundings, but encourages you to allow yourself to become mentally detached and allow yourself to be immersed in sound.
Even when they step away from the original material and embrace a cover like Venus in Furs it is all just so cinematically evocative that you can’t help but consider that this is exactly what people should be getting pushed towards them rather than what is currently the mind numbing norm.

If there is to be a revolution in music then The Courtesans are fine flag bearers for it. 

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