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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Post referendum apocalypse warning.

Thursday, July 10, 2014 2:02:00 pm The snp is polluted with nut cases and zealots, they have kept their mouths shut and followed salmond when he was telling them he would deliver freedom from the hated English. Even these morons are starting to realise that the game is up and there will be an ugly reckoning between the 'fundies' and the salmond lackies. It should be pretty awful and hilarious.

To quote a bit of this, it is in fact “pretty awful and hilarious” isn’t it?

It was written by a Councillor called Terry Kelly who represents the Labour party.
Until yesterday his infamy had not reached the darkest corners of Ayrshire and I was unaware of his existence until he contributed to a thread that can be found on the facebook page of Cathy Jamieson (Labour MP)

Since that pleasurable experience I have enjoyed dipping my toe into the mouth of his madness.
Okay then, that’s not strictly true.
In the interests of full disclosure I have to say that no one is looking for a toe job from this guy.
Figuratively, or literally.
It wasn’t the nice experience comparing it to a toe job may have led you to believe.

Anyway I found that gem of reason that I opened with on his blog.
The blog itself is a weird and wonderful place where rants flow and debate is strangled at birth.
In its totality it really provides a prime example of how some people can slip through the net and achieve a position that carries with it a certain degree of power.
I am aware that I could easily be accused of cherry picking a comment that shows Terry in the worst possible light, but that’s not the case.
Honest guv.
In fact if anyone does consider that then please do jump over to and print off some of his missives including the comments and pin them to your wall before finally throwing a dart at them.
No matter what one you skewer I can assure you that it will be enlightening, but remember to wipe your feet on leaving after taking a walk through the psyche of this guy.

However let us commence with breaking down the example of his razor sharp wit that I have provided.

“The snp is polluted with nut cases and zealots.”

Personally I am a socialist and for much of my adult voting life I have supported Labour, but as a rational individual, or I at least think I am, I am aware that unless it is a party of extremists who promote hate from the fringes the reality is that none of the mainstream parties are polluted with said nut cases and zealots.
There will always be a few who slip past as Terry highlights with his being a member of Labour, but similarly a few do not reflect the attitudes of the many.
So that’s pretty much bollocks right there.
If this fella genuinely believes that then he has no ability to fairly assess others as he obviously paints with the broadest brushstroke available.

“they have kept their mouths shut and followed salmond when he was telling them he would deliver freedom from the hated English”

The silence is so deafening that people are sick of it and begging for more referendum talk aren’t they?
The claim that anyone is blindly following Salmond is equally as bogus.
It is also a rather blanketing remark as is expected.
Is it really the case that everyone voting yes is an SNP supporter who idolises the first Minister?
The answer is of course not.
The yes support is made up of all political persuasions, and only those who are blinded by their own limited understanding of this fact continue to hang onto making such ridiculous claims.
Should we even consider the “deliver freedom from the hated English” part?
It’s really beneath contempt.
I certainly don’t hate the English and I know no one who claims that.
It’s true that we see some who claim to hate them ranting occasionally, but we are safe in the knowledge of knowing that they are quite frankly a minority that are best ignored as they bring nothing of worth to the table.
Apart from that it isn't freedom that people are looking for.
It’s the opportunity to determine our own futures as a country, and if that is delivered it will come from a democratic vote.

“Even these morons are starting to realise that the game is up and there will be an ugly reckoning between the 'fundies' and the salmond lackies.”

More name calling and calling into question the intelligence of those not singing from the same page of “Songs that Terry taught us”
Who are these fundies and the Salmond lackeys to?
What is this ugly reckoning he speaks of?
From other comments he has made it would appear that it is English pensioners that should fear for their lives if the vote goes to the union as those who are looking for the yes vote to be carried will vent their apoplectic rage at them.
Hyperbole much?
Seriously, this is the level that this clown is stooping to, and I will repeat that he is a councillor.
It doesn't really matter that he is a Labour one.
His party affiliation has little to do with his ranting.
(Although it does seem that even UKIP are happy to jettison anyone of their people who make similarly ludicrous assertions and it does beg the question why Labour haven’t picked up on this guy and considered him a liability.)

And finally “It should be pretty awful and hilarious”

So we are to surmise from his that people being at each others throats would be awful?

Finally something I can agree with, but also “hilarious” though.

I have a problem with this bit.
Is this guys bitterness blinded him to the point that he considers post referendum violence is something that would be funny.

That no one is really looking to burn the world down if a no vote is the outcome is neither here nor there in this.

What is important is that we have an elected official that participates in spreading nonsense like this.

He claims to be a supporter of equality and opposes discrimination in all forms.
He is quick to flaunt his socialist credentials to.
And yet much of what he posts verges on hate speech.
If you aren't with him and his views then you are against him and in his opinion you should step out of his way.

Do we really want individuals like this representing us?
It doesn't matter what party it is.
Should the quality bar be lifted?

I certainly think so. 

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