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Monday, 21 April 2014

Origins of The Dowling Poole

I'm skint, genuinely pot less, which is the gentlemanly way of saying I haven't got a pot to piss in.
That's not going to stop me pledging for the Downing Poole album though as I am only the sale of an internal organ, or one of my offspring, away from securing the funds to make the purchase of this little gem a reality.
Now I could wax lyrically about what is on offer, but instead I will share the bromance of the year footage with you, and I fully expect that grown men will swoon. ladies ovaries will explode, and children will be left to fend for themselves as their parents abandon them to a feral life on a sink estate just so that they can devote their lives to following the Dowling Poole path to a glorious new dawn, but not the golden type with the nazi connections as that would just be wrong.

Sell your soul here, er I mean pledge.



  1. Yes and it will be on very limited vinyl too, surely a future collectors item???

  2. It's the vinyl that I will be pledging for.
    Once I have cash of course.
    Damn these musicians keeping releasing the good stuff and easing me closer to the poor house :)