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Monday, 6 January 2014

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Last week was interesting.
With 2014 still finding its feet the start of the new year was being celebrated in Pasadena with the annual Rose Parade.
It's pretty much a big deal, and over many hours float after float passes by celebrating the history, and the many groups of people, that make up the huge melting pot that the US is.
This year they were introducing something new though.
One of the floats would be feature a gay couple who were joining together in marriage.
Cue the hatemongers, who were predominately stereo-typically of the Christian right, wringing their hands in anguish and claiming it would herald the end of the world as we all know it.

Didn't we know that white baby Jesus would cry at the thought of this betrayal from his children?
I mean lordy, is this what he died on the cross for?

This is where it a started getting interesting though.

Ayrshire band Rose Parade awoke to a few messages from irate Americans telling them it was disgusting, immoral, and to think of the children.
Of course the appropriate response was to point out that the band had nothing to do with the parade and maybe those complaining could direct their ire in the right direction.
So that is what the band did, but also collectively added that they fully supported the couple getting married, the parade featuring the couple, and that the homophobes should take their issues elsewhere.

The reaction was typical, and as the day continued more commented on the bands facebook page and emailed them to draw attention to their ungodly attitudes.

Only that's not enough for a certain type of charitable Christian and the ante was upped and the messages began to become a bit more strident.

So after a period of trying to rationally respond and deleting the comments from the worst offenders the band decided to open the conversations up, and lets just say they weren't disappointed with the result as their friends and fans stepped up and to use an american term 'tore the ranting hordes a new asshole'.

Now Pink News has picked up on the story and featured it.

Pretty heartwarming to an extent as Scotland can sometimes be mistakenly seen as a bit backward on the world stage, and here we were wearing our hearts on our sleeves and championing love equality.

Go us.

The band Rose Parade.

PS. Respect to the US commentators who took exception and spoke out to, and of course congratulations to the happy couple Danny Leclair and Aubrey Loots. Love conquers all.   .

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