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Monday, 5 August 2013

Belladrum - Tartan Heart 2013

The tartan heart is shaped like a balloon and Banksy's little girl is watching it flutter away.
That's the image on the t-shirt and it's a representative image of the festival itself.
A bit cheeky, a bit anarchic, a bit of a mirror holding itself up for us all to see ourselves in.
Twin Atlantic and Seasick Steve were the big hitters of the Friday night, but I didn't get there until the Saturday
Not to worry though as with the summer still hanging in there it was the perfect opportunity to grab at one of the last festivals of the year.
So after a quick stab at orientating myself I struck out and first full band of the day that I sampled were the absolutely fantastic Three Blind Wolves.
Think about Biffy Clyro being filtered through an Americana kaleidoscope and you might just be getting close to what the band are all about.
Bit of post hardcore with pop sensibilities wrapped in a country twang.
The live show crackles with energy and it was no surprise that for an early afternoon slot they pulled a solidly appreciative crowd to them.
Next was a seat in the comedy tent where we were abused in the nicest possible way by Billy Kirkwood who is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best compères on the circuit.
An Ayrshire man he may be, but we wont hold that against him.
With his quick witted style of comedy he soon managed to make everyone feel equally comfortable as he tried his damnedest to get kids to swear, and that's a massive talent it itself.
Wee Man could very easily trade in his Burberry cap and career as a comedian for one as a rapper as his rhymes are pretty sharp, and full kudos has to go to the beatboxing audience member who did a rather impressive job of backing him up.
It can't all be fun and games though as the Fleetwood Mac tribute band did their level best to night nurse us all to sleep after that.
Thankfully The Noisettes weren't up for taking any prisoners and once again highlighted to anyone who would lend them an ear that they are one of the most accomplished artists doing the festival circuits.
While the pop hits may have been yesterdays news this is an act who deserve a long career in the sunshine so please don't let them fade away to reside in the where are they know columns of the music mags.
Get on board and shake yer booty to them and hang in there as we deserve a band as good as this in our lives.
James were of course a crowning glory.
My last experience of them was one that is best forgotten due to it being a set that was sunk by ongoing technical problems that had nothing to do with the band themselves.
This time it was note perfect though.
Tim Booth was in fine form and lyrically we should be celebrating his genius while applauding the work the band put in behind him.
They managed to create an atmosphere that is special to festivals.
A large moment of communal bliss that swept through the crowd and ended the night on a solid highpoint.
Fair play Belladrum.

Not a bad anniversary party at all.

Photograph used without permission.
I tried to find Paul Campbell who took it, but failed.
However I am happy to credit him and if anyone does know him please feel free to highlight that I have used his photograph and if there is an issue I will of course remove it as I appreciate that this is his work.

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