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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sneaky Pete - Everything Wrong at the Right Time

I share a degree of dismay when people oft say that there's no good music out there anymore.
That's only true if you reached a point in your life that you grew tired of people talking rubbish and inserted your fingers in your ears never to remove them again.
There are none so deaf as those who choose not to hear, with the obvious exception of deaf people who have no choice in the matter.
I am in a privileged position as I can't help but continue to be impressed with the calibre of tracks that are sent to me to air on the Third Class Ticket radio show
I have also been humbled by the amount of bands who send their music for review before public release.
It's genuinely gratefully appreciated.
The latest band to do this is Greenock rockers Sneaky Pete.
A trio who, according to their facebook page, have a mission to infect the world with their catchy pop/rock/whatever.
Quite a mission but after a listen to their debut album I can say that if Sneaky Pete are a virus then I’m not looking for an antidote.
From the first track they manage to snatch your attention.
The blend of synth and guitar based rock grabs at you while the pumping bass lines and strong drumming brings a wall of sound to the mix that allows the well written lyrics to flow.
The band seamlessly move from song to song, and you can hear that they have put the time in to ensure that the running order is smooth and that they care about how each and every note is represented to the listener..
All too soon you reach the end of this eleven track album leaving you only one option, and that's PRESS PLAY AND START AGAIN.
Everything Wrong at the Right time is probably not the best title for this album as I cant find a thing wrong with it at all.

You can hear tracks from the album on The Third Class Ticket show on Mesi radio on 4th July or  grab a copy of the cd from July 15th by contacting the band at
(Tommy Clark)

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