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Thursday, 11 November 2010

A few gigs arranged and sort of arranged.

Due to the communication breakdown between Dave Sharps tour booking guy and myself, and the lack of a 100% confirmation of the date arranged the gig had to be pulled, but the upside is that I spoke to Dave personally yesterday and everything is back on track for January.
He is enthusiastically up for creating a real communal atmosphere and has asked that the supports reflect what he is wanting to achieve.
A nice touch is that he wants them to join him at the end of the set to run through a Woody Guthrie track or two.
While the music he is currently working on is a large departure from his material with the Alarm it is very obvious that the passion is still there and his forthcoming album should serve to cement his reputation as an alt-folk artist that we in the UK can all be proud of.
So watch out for the date to be confirmed.Still waiting for a specific date to be nailed down for Kirk Brandon to play a solo acoustic set, but fingers crossed that this will follow soon enough.
Everything is agreed upon apart from the date as the tour manager is still looking at the logistics of it all.
100% confirmed though is a date for the fantastic Devilish Presley who will be playing with the mighty Tragic City Thieves.
Both bands are firm personal favourites and I doubt that there are many bands treadng the boards just now who could match them in providing good honest value for money rock and fuckin' roll.


  1. How you doing David. Good to hear from you.

  2. Hi Mainy
    Been a while, you've become a stranger at Riffs which is a shame. I know there are extenuating circumstances but you are missed. If you get a chance why don't you visit us at LoS ( ) any Mon, Tues or Wed. You'll find us in the Chatteria... you'll find it...

  3. I may do that time permitting.
    Yes. there have been some extenuating circumstances. The last six months haven't been easy.
    You knew the kids are with me, but as I haven't been around Riffs you probably aren't aware that their mother took her own life.
    So as I said. It aint been easy.
    Regardless of that Riff's seemed to have run its course. very sad, but I wasn't getting anything much from it.
    The adage that you get out of something what you put into it wasn't really apparent anymore.
    Gig reviews, album reviews and just the general chat that I contributed just wasn't going anywhere and a depressive cloud had descended.
    It was probably a case of us all being old hands and having exhausted many subjects, but the lack of freshness and enthusiasm got to me.
    I hasten to add that this wasn't from everyone.
    I miss Ian and Geds posts in particular. I still read Billy's on the Aberdeen website.
    End of the day it just felt right to move on. No point bitching about it and hanging in there for a change that wasn't on the horizon..

  4. I had heard about your ex but it's not an easy subject to broach and I'm awkward enough around people at the best of times without etc etc.. Tell the kids I say hello and that I'm thinking of them, it can't have been an easy time for them recently and whilst they'll never forget, time will eventually take the sting out the hurt.
    It is a shame about Riffs and sometimes it seems like it's only a matter of time. It's part of the reason I opened LoS, it lets people stay in touch via the chatteria, somehow it works better than a forum, must be the throwaway nature of it. Do come along, everyone will be pleased to hear from you and I do mean everyone.. It can get quite lively at "showtimes", although I think that Bombsite has been stealing all my favourite tunes and playing them on his shows.. hahaha