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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tragic City Thieves

Finally the best band to come out of Scotland in many years have managed to finish their debut.
It's up on itunes just now and will be out on CD within the next week (or so).
If shambolic rock and roll played with a tonne of attitude and a punk rock heart is the sort of thing that gets your blood pumping in excitement then these guys will give you a coronary.

I've already punted a very short review up on itunes, but it honestly doesn't do them justice.

"Last of the Gutter Heroes.
It has taken a long time, but finally here is a band who are willing to step up and take rock and roll back from the angst ridden emo kids and socially dysfunctional heavy metal hordes.
A band who have all the glittery debauched talent of the New York Dolls coupled with the gutter sleaze attitude of Turbonegro.
Yes. They're that good.
This debut release is just like a lady of the night from the Tragic City. It's dirty, it's in your face and it promises to fulfil all your wildest fantasies for less than ten quid.
It's the best £7.99 that I have ever spent without breaking the law."

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